My interest in herbal medicine and natural health began as a teenager. I met my teacher, renowned herbalist David Winston, during my undergraduate years at Rutgers University, and in 1990 began his two year training program in clinical herbal medicine at The Center for Botanical Studies in Washington, NJ. When I first started studying I had no idea how many illnesses could be addressed using herbs, and I continued to delve deeper. David Winston’s training was focused on clinical uses of herbs using both western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also included plant identification, medicine making, and harvesting herbs. I also studied with herbalist 7Song at the Northeast School of Herbal Medicine, Patricia Kyritsi Howell, and continue my learning through conferences and seminars.

Herbal Medicine is more than “What herb do I take for xyz illness”? I fell in love with herbal medicine because it looks at a whole person, at underlying causes of conditions and illnesses, it asks “What caused the migraines or the fatigue or anxiety in this person”? It is not linear. There are many ways to practice and many traditions to follow. The learning is endless and whether you dig up burdock root in your back yard and make tea, or read carefully crafted studies of herbs and buy them from a trusted source, the healing is there for you.

I have worked with client’s on a range of issues from menopause and osteoporosis, fatigue, digestive issues such as IBS and colitis, optimizing brain function/memory, immunity support and repair, PMS and menstrual irregularities, cancer prevention, preparation for pregnancy asthma, excema, and much more.

To read more about consultations, see my consultation page by clicking here.

My interest in midwifery emerged after reading authors Suzanne Arms, Gena Core, and Sheila Kitzinger, I got what is often described as a ‘calling’ to be a midwife, and to provide an alternative to the ‘medicalized’ model of birth.

My pursuit of becoming a midwife began as a Doula in 1996. A Doula is similar to a labor coach.

In 2000 I attended Maternidad La Luz in El Paso, Texas a midwife school. I attended 120 births in my 15 months of study there, 43 as a primary midwife under supervision by a licensed midwife.

I returned to New Jersey in 2002, and in 2005 I became fully licensed by The NJ Board of Medical Examiners, as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).

In addition to attending homebirths in New Jersey, I have had the wonderful experience of working and learning from two midwives in Amish Country, Lancaster County PA, on two visits, one in 2014 and one in 2016. (While not Amish themselves, they have been trusted care providers for the Amish Community for decades).

I am also a Postpartum Doula.

I have written many articles on topics relating to natural birth and herbal medicine. They appeared in the monthly newsletter of The George Street Food Coop in New Brunswick, NJ for many years. To read any of these articles, click here for the list.

I am a hiking, cycling and yoga enthusiast, an occasional chess player, and an anti-nuclear activist.

In 2007 I had the honor of being named, by the national organization Peace Action, one of the top 100 most Important Women Peace Makers in the USA.

My life’s work is to promote and teach personal and global wellness.