Herbal Phone Consultations

The purpose of a phone consultation is to provide a convenient way to get general information about herbs and herbal medicine, to answer specific questions about herbs, and to offer suggestions to you about which herbs you may take safely and effectively.

A phone consultation is not an in depth consultation and I generally cannot offer phone consultations to those with advanced or serious illnesses.

A phone consultation can be a good way to begin using herbs while deciding whether to have a full in person consultation.

A phone consultation can be helpful if:

• You are just starting out using herbs and need a few general guidelines.
• You have not used herbs before and want some advice for specific illnesses and symptoms and about how to get started.
• You have heard about a certain herb being good for a certain symptom or illness you have, and want feedback and help getting started with it.
• You know what herbs to be taking but need help with dosages and preparation.
• You have been taking herbs for something and are not sure they are helping.
• You use herbs regularly and have a good base of knowledge but need a few pointers and feedback, and suggestions for other herbs to try.

If you would like a phone consultation, please email virginia@virginiaahearn.com with the subject line: HERBAL CONSULTATION.