Thyme is another wonderfully fragrant culinary herb with many great medicinal uses. It has so many benefits I just cannot say enough about it.

Thyme is anti-viral and anti-bacterial, great for coughs that are ‘wet’ (think mucous) head colds, flu and low fevers. It contains high levels of a very active essential oil thymol. Mixed with other herbs it helps acute bronchitis.

Thyme is also an anti-fungal, so it’s great for a variety of yeast infections and fungal sinus infections. It can help soothe the belly from common ailments like nausea, gas, and intestinal viruses.

Sore throat? A gargle of thyme and sage is an effective treatment.

Essential oil thymol is a bronchodilator, so like rosemary, a steam treatment of thyme is great for head colds, bronchitis or anything related to impaired respiratory function.

Thyme can also be taken as a tea or tincture. I most often use it in tincture form with other herbs for clients with ongoing or frequent coughs, colds, asthma, and former smokers.  I encourage anyone with these conditions to do regular steams.

This wonderful herb has so many benefits, why not add more into your cooking?

I just made some potato leek soup with fresh thyme, and one of my other favorite recipes is chick peas marinated in cumin and thyme. In fact, just about anything I marinate includes thyme, either fresh or dried.

Whether your pursuit is culinary or medicinal, I always recommend organic herbs. I recommend buying herbs from reputable companies or growers. Feel free to email me for recommendations – or stay tuned for a list of my favorite places!