Astragalus root is very near and dear to me as it’s used it to treat asthma which I have had since childhood. Known by it’s Latin nomenclature Astragalus Membranicus, this root is deeply nourishing to the lungs, and like Ashwaganda, helps balance and nourish the immune system.

This great wintertime herb is wonderful for treating any respiratory illness like hacking cough, bronchitis or pneumonia, and is a fantastic herb to support former smokers. Astragalus is also used to treat more serious conditions such as cancer, HIV, and AIDS.

If you, or your child, get sick frequently in wintertime, Astragalus might be the perfect choice to strengthen the immune system for the long haul. It is is safe for children and is a mild tasting tea that can be mixed in with their favorite juice – they may not even notice!

I took Astragalus regularly some years ago for six months, from October to April. My asthma had worsened due to exposure to mold – which I did not realize was happening! I used Astragalus with other herbs, and after six months I reduced the dose little by little. The following October my asthma was triggered only slightly and I used my inhaler significantly less. I often rotating Astragalus in with other respiratory herbs in autumn and winter.

Astragalus easily takes second place, behind only Ashwaganda, in my ‘favorite roots’ category of herbal medicine!