Rose Petals
I don’t usually think of this as a winter herb, but it can help ease grief and depression, boost mood and reduce anxiety. You can use tea or tincture; for winter blues a tea would be nicer. I suggest one cup a day to reduce average winter blues.

I order organic rose petals from Jeans Greens. (
Use 2-3 teaspoons dried herb per quart of water. Pour boiling water over the herb. Steep 10 minutes. If too strong you can dilute it.
There are several tincture formulas I have seen for depression which include Rose Petal.

Black Cohosh
I have not used this often in my custom formulas for mood issues, but it has a great reputation for average blues and depression, especially what David Winston refers to as “gloom and doom depression”. You can find it often in formulas for depression, especially in menopause. I suggest a tincture, the tea does not taste great.

this bright yellow flower is great for many things and also has a reputation for helping winter blues. It is also great for liver issues, and liver health can be part of a holistic approach to working with depression. You can drink a tea (which is a little bitter) or take tincture. For tea use 2-3 teaspoons of dried flowers for quart of tea.
Some calendula lovers make a little medicine bag or pouch with calendula flowers in it, as more of an energetic approach to reaping its benefits.

There are many other herbal options for winter blues and depression but these are a few good ones to try.

Sometimes the blues or depression requires a deeper look at what’s going on. I am glad to help you explore more herbal options in a consultation. I am also always glad to do a short phone call (free of charge) to help you figure out where to start.