“Virginia Ahearn is a very knowledgeable herbalist with a varied background in medicinal uses of herbs. Her herbal session was informal and casual which created a comfortable environment for others to share their knowledge and experiences. She had teas for tasting and samples of dried herbs and tinctures were available. She taught the properties and medicinal values of numerous herbs and she provided herbal medicine resources such as books and herbal companies for purchasing herbs. I gained much knowledge in this session and do plan on attending future classes. I recommend other herbalists or those with an interest in herbal medicine to consider attending as well. It was well worth it and very affordable!!”

– M.F.

“I met Virginia at a time when I wanted to turn my health around, naturally.  Her five-month introductory course taught me so much about herbs and natural healing.  During my studies with Virginia, I learned the basics of how to use herbs to sustain good health.  By the end of the course, I could plant and tend my own herbal garden.  I also learned to prepare teas and tinctures, herbals baths, oils & vinegars, and lip balms.  I left her class with a wealth of knowledge and was able to take what I learned to the next level, working in an herbal apothecary in Manhattan’s West Village.”

– Erica Sopha


“Virginia was a great help for us in the first days after the birth of our son. There are moments when you just feel so inexperienced and a little helpless with a newborn during the first weeks. Virginia definitely stabilized our situation, helped us find a rhythm and routine with our  son early on. We highly appreciated her emotional and hands-on support.  Especially, she was of great support with breastfeeding. Her experience and good advice guided us through the first days with getting used to breastfeeding for  both mummy and our little boy. Thanks again Virginia!”

– Natalie and Tobias


“Virginia has done a wonderful job teaching herbal medicine classes for us at Living Tree Midwifery School here in Las Cruces New Mexico. She takes her breadth of knowledge and makes using herbs easy to understand for beginners. Many of our moms have enjoyed her classes and teaching style, and are now using herbal medicine with their families. We look = forward to having her back!”

– Kamy Shaw, CPM, Director, Living Tree Midwifery School


“Virginia came to us when I had my third son and I wish that I met her earlier. I had never used a doula before, but always heard good things — what I got was so much more. I called Virginia my “rent-a-mom without the guilt (and nagging)” — she came in did the cooking, laundry, and took care of my infant, so that I could close my eyes and get the rest that I desperately needed without a second thought or feeling bad that someone else was doing all the work or that I had to entertain. There was no need to explain or  teach or show Virginia anything, she came in a did everything that I thought I needed, and some things that I didn’t even know I needed but which were done. She was right there for me, helping me breastfeed and keeping me motivated to pump even when I didn’t want to. She was great with my older kids too, and made great meals that the whole family loved. She has such a peaceful calming presence and brought so much to our household, that I remember counting the minutes until she arrived and so saddened when it was time for her to go. We really appreciated her time here and I can see her added value to any family that she works with as a doula or in any other capacity.”

– Lesley, Maplewood, New Jersey


“I was privileged to have Virginia’s support at the birth of my second child. After a long night of laboring, I told her that I wanted to do the work she did. Two years later I was working as a doula and childbirth educator. I continue to be as honored to work with Virginia as I was to include her in my son’s birth eight and a half years ago. In all those years, she is one of only a handful of practitioners that has seen our family through all = stages of wellness and met our many needs from an herbal and holistic perspective.”

– Jennifer Santos-Kraft