Herbal Articles

Elderberry and Elderflower-A Cold and Flu Season Favorite

Many herbs are worthy of your home apothecary for the cold and flu season, it’s easy to stock up on all kinds of teas and tinctures. On... Read More

Winter Blues? Try These for Relief

  Rose Petals I don’t usually think of this as a winter herb, but it can help ease grief and depression, boost mood and reduce anxiety. You can use tea or... Read More

Colds and Coughs-A few of my Favorites

  Got a cough or cold? Here are a few of my favorite herbs: Hyssop.  I have it seen it turn around some nasty deep coughs. It has come to my rescue a ... Read More

Ginger Root-a Wintertime Favorite!

  I love ginger tea in winter months-it is a great way to warm up! Ginger is also great for upset stomach, drippy head colds and wet gooey coughs. Ginger ... Read More

Brain Health and Memory-Gotu Kola to the Rescue!

Gotu Kola is one of my two favorite herbs for increasing brain function and memory. It is an herb from India with many wonderful qualities. Years a... Read More

Herbal Cleanses? Liver Cleanses? What you Need to Know-Part I

We hear about ‘herbal cleansing’, ‘spring cleanse’ and ‘liver cleansing’ often. There are products on the market with all k... Read More

Eyebright for Allergies and Other Natural Remedy Tips

Eyebright, which grows in the northern US and Canada, is astringing and a decogestant, and may be what will help during allergy season. It is... Read More

Three Commonly Overlooked Herbal Remedies

It is easy in our culture to want the ‘best’ the ‘strongest’ medicine for your ills. Western medicine has a ‘kill-what-is-invading-your-body’... Read More

Inaugurate Self Care: Tips to Build Your Herbal Apothecary

Starting your personal herbal apothecary can be exciting. People enjoy the process of researching what herbs they want to try, ordering tinctures and ... Read More

Three common mistakes in herbal medicine

I often receive calls and emails from people who have tried this or that herbal remedy but didn’t notice any results and thus, didn’t think it worked. After ... Read More