Got a cough or cold? Here are a few of my favorite herbs:

Hyssop.  I have it seen it turn around some nasty deep coughs. It has come to my rescue a few times when my lungs were in a bad way. I usually mix it with a few other herbs, listed below.

 Hyssop is a mild expectorant. This means it makes you cough up mucous, altho I have felt its effectiveness is more in resolving cough than in its expectorant property. It is also antiseptic, anti-viral, and diaphoretic (which means it will help a fever through its natural course).  Sounds great, right?  It is! I like using it with licorice and echinacea as a tea or tincture. It can be mixed with many others as well, such as elderberry, coltsfoot, sage or mullein.

Hyssop can be used as a tea or in a tincture form.  For a tea, I recommend using two teaspoons for eight ounces of water, steeping covered for 30-45 minutes.  You can drink several cups a day when you are ill.  (I recommend making a quart or two at a time, for saving time.)

Licorice Root-is anti-viral, immune boosting, supports respiratory health. It is great for dry hacking coughs, and any cold. You can throw a teaspoon into your quart jar of hyssop.

Echinacea-great for the ‘surface’ or superficial’ immune system boosting when you are sick. Add 2-3 teaspoons of any part of the dried plant to your hyssop and licorice blend

It is always a good idea to continue a remedy for awhile after your symptoms have gone away, especially  with a virus.  This is because your symptoms will disappear before the virus is completely dead.

For tinctures, you can follow the instructions on the bottle, but I generally recommend  taking three droppersful three times a day when ill.

Feel free to email me with questions!