If you want to feel better, either to build vitality in general, or to address a specific health concern, herbal medicine can help! Herbs don’t only reduce symptoms, they deeply nourish our body systems to clear up the root causes of symptoms. I love helping people feel better with herbs. I create custom formulas for your specific needs. I do both in-person and phone consultations. Read my FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) below, and then schedule a 20 minute free pre-consultation appointment, by clicking here, or by emailing me. From there, we can schedule an appointment.

During COVID restrictions, all consultations are done by phone or zoom.


Single Consultation $150
Includes initial visit, (approximately 90 minutes), plus 20 minute follow up when I give the custom herb formula and instructions.

Package for $290
Includes initial visit, one 20 minute follow up when I give the herb formula, and two 30 minute follow up visits. Must be used in a 5 month period.

The first step is schedule a free consultation, click schedule free appointment on the right to get started!

Please note: These fees do not include the cost of herbs. I work within peoples’ budgets to create an effective and affordable formula.


FAQs about herbal consultations and using herbs

I’ve heard great things about herbs, but can they help me with my particular health issue?

Herbs can benefit just about anybody. When we meet, I’ll make sure you understand everything from how herbs work, and how to use the formula I have created for you. If you are totally new to herbal medicine, we will take as much time as needed to be sure you are comfortable and confident using the herbs I am giving you.

Do I have to spend a lot of time each day preparing teas, etc?
No, you don’t. Getting the most out of herbal medicine does require some time each day, however I offer herbs in forms that will work for you and your schedule. I use both teas and tincture for my clients-sometimes both, sometimes one or the other depending on your preference.  I will give you time-saving tips for teas, so that you can easily incorporate herbs into your life.

How frequently will we have appointments?
After our first first appointment, which  is usually 1 ½ hours, we will schedule a follow up appointment, usually 7-10 days later. After that, they are every 4-6 weeks, depending on your needs. Together we will determine how long we need to work together to meet your health goals.

Will I get herbs at the first appointment?

I’ll give you a few things to get you started at the end of our first appointment. When we meet for the second appointment, I will give you your custom herbal recommendations and formula. Together we‘ll go over instructions and be sure you understand everything clearly. If you want to buy herbs on your own, you may, however .the herbs I provide my clients are high quality organic herbs. The dried herbs for tea are mostly from small farms in western Massachusetts, and the tinctures are from the most highly regarded companies in the country. If you have access to high quality herbs want to put together the formula yourself, I can help you do that.

When will I start feeling better?

You may start seeing some improvement in your health in a few days to 2 weeks. However if  you have been chronically ill for a long time, it may take longer for you to feel significantly better. Everyone is unique, there is no one timeline for healing. Your body will heal at its own rate.

Do I have to take herbs forever?

Everyone can benefit from herbs throughout their lives, the same way we continue to benefit from eating healthy food. When you first start a formula, your dosages may be higher than what you may need several months down the road. The formula I create for you will likely change, as your health improves and changes. You don’t have to take herbs forever, but if you do, you may find continual improvements in, and support of, your overall well-being.