Herbal Consultations & Packages

I offer consultations in the Northampton Massachusetts area, where I live, and in Central New Jersey where I lived and practiced for many years.

I offer three types of consultations: a single consultation, and a three month and a six month package.

Each package includes your initial consultation, follow up appointments which are generally 4-6 weeks apart, all phone calls and emails for the number of months you purchase.

Packages do not include the cost of herbs. I will work within people’s budgets to make herbal medicine affordable.


Three month package is $250
Pay in full, now:

Six month package is $395
Pay in full, now:


I like to talk with people who are considering a consultation package, so we can discuss your health issues and goals. Please email me or call me at 732-745-7455 to ask more about consultations and read below to get some answers to common questions.

I am dedicated to practicing and teaching wellness, and to provide information and support to those who choose to include herbal medicine on their path the healthy living.

My training focused on clinical uses of herbs and how to create a personalized herbal formula for someone’s specific health history and health issues. I combine principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western herbal medicine, to create a formula to nourish and rebalance the body, as well as herbs to address your specific health concerns.  I use tinctures and teas for my clients.

My experience ranges from women’s health including menopause, osteoporosis, PMS and menstrual difficulties, to enhancing brain function, asthma, lowered immunity (such as chronic colds and bronchitis), auto-immune illnesses, digestive disorders, chronic skin conditions, stress and anxiety, grief, and herbs for children.

Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years by many cultures for health and healing. Herbs have stood the test of time as beneficial and effective way to restore and improve health. Please read the next ‘FAQ’ section to learn more about consultations.


Single Visit Herbal Consultation

I have designed these consultations because many people have been wanting to meet with me, but are not yet ready or currently needing my 3 or 6 month package options. Some people who have asked me about one-time meetings have already been using herbs a little bit, or they just want a few tips in getting started.

This consultation is 45 minutes, includes a written summary of what we discussed, an herbal tea or tincture formula, and one 15 minute follow up six weeks after the consultation.

If you find you want to work further with me, you may either continue with single consultations, or you may want to consider a consultation package.

As always, my desire is to make herbal medicine accessible, and I intend for this option to help serve more seekers of herbal wellness!



How often do we meet? How long are appointments?

The first appointment is approximately 1 1⁄2 hours. Follow up appointments are 45 minutes to an hour, generally every 4-6 weeks. Before the first appointment I have a health questionnaire for you to complete, which we then review together. I often provide one or two herbs to start using right away.  I then start to build a more comprehensive formula, which I give you at the second appointment. I provide the herbs, unless you want to pursue getting them on your own. I tell you about dosage and preparation and give you instructions for making tea and taking tinctures. I make sure you understand and are comfortable with the instructions for getting started.

When can I expect to start feeling better? Do I have to take herbs forever?

Each person is different and unique. If you have been chronically ill for a long time, it may take some time to start feeling a difference-from a month to 4 months. You may feel small improvements along the way . Other people may start feeling an improvement in a few weeks. Clients who are able to incorporate herbs and other changes easily into their lives will likely start feeling better more quickly.

You do need to be committed to taking herbs regularly in order to reap the full benefit. You may also need to consider eating habits, exercise and sleep habits in feeling better.

Herbs are not a “magic bullet” or a “quick fix”. The payback in sticking with herbs is that the improvement you get will generally be permanent. Only rarely will someone suffer side effects from appropriate use of herbs. After working with herbs for a while you may need to continue on a  “wellness dose”, especially if health issues are chronic. You may also find full symptom relief from using herbs, and may not have to continue with long-term use.

No one can tell you exactly how long it will take you to start feeling better, or recover from your symptoms and illness.

Your body will heal at its own rate.

Do I need special things at home to prepare tea?

To make tea all you need is:

A stainless steel pot, or glass measuring cup, or big coffee press or several mason jars
A good strainer
Several glass jars for storing tea

Fees and Costs

I have two consultation packages. Each covers the initial appointment, all follow up appointments, phone calls and emails.This does not include the cost of herbs, which can be between $25 and $70 a month. As you feel better, you generally need less. I make every effort to keep the cost of herbs low.
Three month package is $250
Six month package is $395

I ask for a minimum deposit of $55 before the first appointment, which is applied to the total fee. If you need to reschedule, you may do so once without losing your deposit. If you cancel and do not reschedule, your deposit is not refunded. You may mail me a check, or pay through paypal here on my website.

The Big Picture

I have been studying and working with herbs since 1990. A whole new world opened up for me as I learned about herbs for just about every ailment, from the common cold to cancer. For those who stick with using herbs regularly, the benefits are many. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for herbs and wellness.



Three month package is $250
Pay in full, now:

Make a $55 Deposit now to get started:

Six month package is $395
Pay in full, now:

Make a $55 Deposit now to get started: