Let’s get back to the root of the word “inaugurate” which means “the start of something”. And this is a great time to get some new things brewing! Like your very own self-care herbal apothecary.

It is more important than ever that we take care of ourselves to keep centered and focused during these times when suspiciou, fear, and hate seem to rule the day.

Reclaim the power of inauguration by launching a self-care regime to fortify you through the times ahead. Are you ready?

Starting your personal herbal apothecary can be exciting. People enjoy deciding what herbs they want to try, ordering tinctures and selecting salves. But often I hear from people that their herbal healing journey never got off the ground. Starting is easy, but losing steam is easier.  You must have a plan to incorporate herbal care into the routine of daily life for it to be sustainable and beneficial. 

Follow these simple tips to inaugurate herbal self care into your life!

Get supplies ready.

You’ll need the following:

Mason Jars

I highly recommend you make medicinal teas part of your herbal plan, so you’ll want “real” mason or canning jars that can stand up to heat. If it sounds too labor intensive to get a collection of jars, just start with one!  The jars don’t have to be new, you can find them used from yard sales, thrift stores, or craigslist. Check for cracks or chips, of course, but otherwise they’ll work as good as new!

Mesh strainer

The cooking tools aisle of your local grocery store should have a good one, just make sure the mesh is fine enough to strain out herbs and leaves.

Pot or Kettle

I’m sure you’ve got a way to boil water in your kitchen, but if not, check out your thrifty options.

Tape or Label

You’ll need to know what you’ve got in there!

Measuring spoon

You don’t really need this as most regular spoons will do for a one teaspoon measure, but if you feel called toward exactitude, have at it!


You’ll need a place in your kitchen where your teas will steep and cool, and a special place for tinctures. The kitchen and bedside table are good places. Maybe a spot on your desk at work?

Selection and Ordering:
Ordering herbs is exciting! Especially if you’ve been thinking about it for a while and are finally ready to take the plunge. But take care to not overorder. Pick just a few herb teas and tinctures to start out with! Don’t go overboard!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Chamomile tea
  • Peppermint tea
  • Oatstraw tincture or tea
  • Dandelion root tincture or tea
  • Raspberry leaf tea
  • Nettles tea
  • Ginger root or garlic (fresh from the grocery store or dried from a reputable company)

Often you’ll find a local grower at your local farmers’ market or outdoor event. Click here for a list of some of my favorite herb companies if you’re not sure where to order from. You can also call or email me for suggestions on ordering – catalogs of the many products can be overwhelming.

Make a Plan and Get Started!

Once you put the kettle on to boil you are committed to making tea!

Finding a regular time to make tea is a helpful way to incorporate herbal care into daily routine. I like making mine in the evening and letting it steep and cool overnight.

Make a plan for when you will drink your tea! I have had many friends beg me to put together some herbs for them only to find they made the tea and it sat in their fridge.

A few questions to consider:

Will you take the tea with you for the day, or drink it only at home?

Do you need a travel mug, or will you take the mason jar with you? A thermos?

With tinctures, keep the bottle on counter where you can see it and easily incorporate it into your routine by taking it right before meals, or keep it on your bedside table to take it before bed.

You simply must take herbs consistently in order to reap the health and wellness benefits. That means incorporating them into your life so that they become part of your routine. I hope you find these tips helpful! I’d love to know what other ideas have work for you in starting your herbal apothecary! Share them with me in the comments below, by at virginia[at]virginiaahearn.com, post on my FB page, so I can share them out with others!