Impending heat waves have inspired me to share some herbs and recipes for cooling herbal iced teas! My favorite is Hibiscus, available in bulk at, or the George Street Food Coop in New Brunswick, NJ.
(Many other sources but these are two easy ones.)

Hibiscus is high in vitamin C, is good for high blood pressure, and energetically is cooling; ideal for a summer drink!

For two quarts of tea:

Boil 8 1/4 cups  water in a pot or tea kettle.

If using a pot, turn off stove, add a heaping half cup
of the dried hibiscus to the pot, cover with lid,
let sit until cool.

If using kettle, you need something to steep the tea in,
pyrex measuring cup is ideal.
Place loose 1/2 cup hibiscus flowers in container.
Pour water from kettle into container. Steep until cool.

Options: Add honey while tea is hot to make it sweet.
Hibiscus unsweetened is sour, like a lemon, which
I find  refreshing but you may not like.

Add peach or apricot juice instead of honey.

Add seltzer to make a homemade spritzer.

Add ice cubes to hot tea to cool it more quickly.

Add a handful of red clover-it has many minerals.

Add handful of rosehips for added bioflavinoids.

Add 1/4 cup raspberry leaf for calcium and magnesium.