As birth workers we all make sure our clients are taking care of themselves, but making time for ourselves can be difficult.

The work we do requires giving on many levels – both physically and emotionally. The on-call hours, long labors, and getting up at 3am all make it hard to keep a steady routine of self-care. Add in lack of sleep, and it can take days, a week, or longer to recover from some births.

In the coming weeks I’m going to share my favorite herbs that every birth worker could benefit from, but before that, let me share some of my time saving tips when bringing herbal medicine into your self-care practice.

One of my absolute favorite tips that has served me over the years is to make large batches of herbal teas at a time.

Get a few quart-size mason jars and make three quarts at a time, so you only have to brew up a batch twice a week.

Also, get several tea strainers and one of those small lunch bag coolers that have the cooling insulation, so you can take tea with you to work, to the hospital, etcetera.

Self-care is crucially important for all people, but I feel birth workers are more susceptible to putting our own needs on the backburner while we take care of others.

You have to ensure you’re doing the best work you can possibly do under all that stress, and these herbs will help your cup runneth over!