Here are some quick recipes for iced teas to help cool you in the summer heat. All recipes are for 1 quart of boiling water. You need something to steep the teas in: a pyrex measuring cup, a French press, or a stainless steel pot will do fine. You also need a strainer, and maybe some honey.
My favorite is Hibiscus. It is sour, which also makes it an energetically cooling herb. You can add honey to it while it is hot to make it sweet and yummy. It has vitamin C and is also reported to help with high blood pressure. Use 2-3 tablespoons dried hibiscus flowers, pour 1 qt. boiling water over them, let steep 30-60 minutes, or until cool to make straining it out easier. Strain into jar or any container and store in fridge.

Red Clover is loaded with minerals, great for rehydration. It is also an anti-cancer herbs and has many other uses. It is a mild tasting herb and can be combined with hibiscus, or drink separately. Use 1/2 cup of whole blossoms, steep 45 minutes, strain. You can throw in a mint tea bag for a cooling zip.

I will be posting more recipes soon. I mail order a lot of my bulk herbs at Tell her I sent you!