In my previous post about herbal iced teas, I gave recipes for hibiscus, with the option to add red clover blossoms.

You can also add red raspberry leaf to hibiscus iced tea. Red raspberry leaf does not taste that great by itself ( it is the fruit that is yummy, the leaf is just kind of leafy tasting), but if you add it to hibiscus you won’t even know it is there! It is loaded with calcium and magnesium and other trace minerals. It is therefore great for summertime, especially the magnesium which is great for cramps and preventing ‘charley horses’. Red raspberry leaf is also great for menstrual cramps!

Use the recipe for hibiscus iced tea in the previous post, and just add 2-3 tablespoons of red raspberry leaf when you first pour the water over the hibiscus. All the steeping and is the same.

You can order red raspberry leaf from I suggest buying about 4-5 ounces to start; that is about a sandwich bag size. You can add it to your herbal apothecary. Enjoy!!!