VA Back-to-School Gotu Kola

You don’t have to be a student to benefit from an herb like Gotu Kola.

Gotu Kola is one of my absolute favorite herbs for increasing brain function and memory. It is an herb from India used extensively in (but not limited to) Ayurvedic medicine – the traditional Indian system of medicine.

I started taking Gotu Kola for general forgetfulness years ago.

You know, the kind of forgetfulness that makes you have to go from your car back inside the house three times before you can actually drive away, because you have to fetch all the various things you forgot.

The phone charger. The file folder for work. The overdue library book. The jacket you borrowed that you promised you would return.

I took Gotu Kola three times a day with a squirt of tincture in a glass of water! (In case you aren’t familiar, tinctures are the liquid form of the herb that come in those little brown bottles you see on store shelves.)

Gota Kola worked wonderfully. After taking it for just three weeks, I started noticing that I did not have to go back to the house to get things. I was remembering all I needed when I left the first time! Even remembering small tasks at work came much more easily.

I love it so much that Gotu Kola has a permanent home in my personal herbal formula, which is a mix of 7 or 8 herbs to nourish my whole body and support my body systems in most need of help.

In addition to helping with memory, forgetfulness, and confusion, Gotu Kola has many other healing properties. It is an anti-inflammatory good for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and eczema, and it helps reduce inflammation of connective tissue, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  It is even used in drug detox formulas!

While Gotu Kola is a proven memory-booster and anti-inflammatory, it’s important to remember that when treating things like Alzheimer’s and arthritis, one herb may reduce symptoms but won’t make it all magically go away.  Taking herbs needs to be part of a whole approach to healing, which ideally includes diet, exercise, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, maintaining a positive outlook.

There are no magic bullets, although for me, Gotu Kola comes pretty close!

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